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When an alarm notification for this piece of equipment is initiated the alarm information will be automatically forwarded to the notification list.  In addition, the Facilities Management dispatch personnel will contact the designated priority contact by phone.  If they are unable to reach the priority a second call will be made to the backup contact.  Facilities Management will contact only one person by phone.

Backup for Phone Notification Name:
Receives only Automated Notification Name: Name:
Email: Email:
Phone: Phone:
Pager: Pager:
Facilities Management Equipment Monitoring Statement
Facilities Management is providing the requested equipment monitoring as a service to enhance the department's ability to receive notification of equipment problems that could negatively impact their work.  The university has in place a very robust infrastructure to support this service.  However, with any system failure can occur.  Providing this service does not obligate Facilities Management in any way to provide any form of compensation for losses incurred should the equipment being monitored fail.